Abs Butt Tone; 20 Minute Effective Expert Designed Workouts

Exercise is not only meant for a better physical appearance, it also helps maintain a sound mind and body. Reason for repeating this well known statement is to remind you that it is vital for everyone of us to include a workout regime to our daily routine. These 20 minute abs butt workouts are designed by experts to easily fit into any compressed routine.

The 20 minute workouts will target some of the important body parts which otherwise rarely see the sun.
The workouts are divided into three circuits A, B and C. In the first circuit you are expected to use 10 pound weights, however lighter or no weight at all will still rarely affect the effectiveness of these workouts.

Circuit A: Side Lunge to Curtsy Squat


Hold a 10-pound dumbbell over your chest, push your left wider towards left until it comes to a lateral lunge. Now keep your chest lifted and bend your left knee. While you do this make sure that your weight acts along your left heel.
Push off with your left foot, and cross the left leg behind your right coming into a curtsy, bending both knees. This completes one rep.
Step out to the left returning to your side lunge; continue alternating between these two moves for a total of 10 reps. On the last rep hold the curtsy and pulse up and down in a one-inch range 10 times to work the glutes even more. Then repeat on the other side.

Circuit A: Woodchop


Take a 10 pound dumb-bell, stand on your feet such that the distance between your feet is slightly larger than your hip.
Twist right and take the weight to the right of your right knee.
While you exhale, twist to the left, raising your arms overhead, pivoting your on your right foot. This completes one set. Do this 12 times. This workout amazingly affects the entire middle of your body.